Sasha Chavchavadze: Gloves Lost and Found

Sasha Chavchavadze: Gloves Lost and Found

$ 300.00

SASHA CHAVCHAVADZE – Lost & Found Kid Gloves

The Gowanus Lost & Found vintage kid glove series incorporating burned text was first created for the 2014 TEDxGowanus event. I was asked to do a TED talk, and to create an installation that revolved around the skull of the baby Minke whale that died in the Gowanus (see images at The gloves evoked forgotten history, as well as referencing flora and fauna that had disappeared or returned to the Gowanus. The vintage gloves were burned with the text “Lost” and “Found, as well as the words “Things Reveal Themselves Passing Away,” a line from a Yeats poem.


Sasha Chavchavadze has exhibited her work widely in the U.S. and abroad for twenty years, including at the Luise Ross Gallery in New York, the Arkansas Art Center in Little Rock, and the Museum of Literature in Tblisi, Georgia. Her Cold War project, Museum of Matches, was exhibited at the Kentler International Drawing Space, Rotunda Gallery in Brooklyn; as a “one-room Cold War museum” at Proteus Gowanus; in publications (Cabinet, Bomb, Marginalia and NYFA Current magazines); as a book (“Museum of Matches,” Proteotypes, 2011, collection Brooklyn Museum); and in an exhibition at Cooper Union of finalists of the international Cold War monument competition. Her Battle Pass Series has been exhibited at GRIDSPACE, the Old Stone House Museum, and as a public art installation commissioned by the NYC DOT Urban Art Program (corner of Bergen and Smith Streets). Chavchavadze is the artist/founder of Proteus Gowanus, a Gowanus exhibition space that she creatively directed for 10 years.