Mikael Levin: Some Signs

Mikael Levin: Some Signs

$ 24.00

An artist's book of photographs of business signs, metaphorically sequenced.

These are images (pictures) of signs, though the signs are images in themselves. You can read the sign - the letters strung together compromise words, and the words tell you the nature of the business that is conducted in that establishment. Or you can read the sign as an image and that will tell you other things about the nature of the business that is, or perhaps was, conducted there. Or you can read the signs strung together and that will tell you yet something else about the nature of these business grouped together. Or you can read the images together and that will tell you something about how images are signs.



Published by Gowanus Souvenir.
5 1⁄2 x 7 1⁄2 inches. 40 pages with 34 images.
Edition of 100.