Krzysztof Poluchowicz: Brooklyn ABC

Krzysztof Poluchowicz: Brooklyn ABC

$ 14.95

A scrapbook of Everyone's Favorite Borough


Is Brooklyn the best borough? Photographer Krzysztof Poluchowicz thinks so! In his new book for kids, Brooklyn ABC, he's chronicled the undeniable appeal of Brooklyn for the younger generation—no, not twenty-somethings: kids.

Though Brooklyn is often featured in the press as the borough of artisanal mayonnaise and bearded hipsters, it also has a rich history and a wealth of interesting spots sure to appeal to young visitors. In Brooklyn ABC, Poluchowicz brings it all alive in gorgeous photos, fun facts, and interactive activities that invite kids from ages 7 to 11 to enjoy the numerous attractions of the borough of Kings.

Not your typical Brooklyn tourist guide, this book aims to give kids a look at the real Brooklyn. A relative newcomer to Brooklyn himself, author Poluchowicz writes enthusiastically of not only the tried and true Brooklyn attractions such as the Brooklyn Museum, Prospect Park Zoo, and Jane's Carousel, but also such authentically Brooklyn destinations as the Gowanus Canal and stations of the Q Train.

Brooklyn ABC is a lively photographic scrapbook that gives kids the chance to investigate each landmark and personalize each page with their own drawings, puzzles, and games. A perfect gift for visitors or locals who can't get enough Brooklyn!