Katharine Harmon - You Are Here: NYC: Mapping the Soul of the City

Katharine Harmon - You Are Here: NYC: Mapping the Soul of the City

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Maps are magical. Every graphic, like every story, has a point of view, and New York is rife with mapmaking possibilities, thick with mythology, and glutted with history. You Are Here: NYC assembles some two hundred maps charting every inch and facet of the five boroughs, depicting New Yorks of past and present, and a city that never was.

"A Nightclub Map of Harlem" traces a boozy night from the Radium and the Cotton Club to the Savoy and then the Lafayette; "Wonders of New York" pinpoints three hundred sites of interest, including the alleged location of Captain Kidd's buried treasure; the Ghostbusters subway map plots the route from Astral Projections Place to Stay Puft Street; and a rejected proposal of ornate topiaries illustrates a Central Park that might have been. This sequel to the best-selling You Are Here includes original essays by Bob Mankoff, Maria Popova, Sarah Boxer, and Rebecca Cooper, among others.



"In a new book titled You Are Here: NYC, author Katharine Harmon aesthetically and psychologically charts the mapping of New York, from myth to real history, across a beautiful array of maps."

Mental Floss:

"New York City is among the most mapped places in the history of the world, 200 of which can be found in this collection. Harmon has compiled maps depicting NYC in stunning real and imagined forms. ...Even the most knowledgeable New Yorker will walk away seeing the city in a whole new light."

Forbes :

"A 1908 map of the pneumatic telegram service, a 1950s proposed subway bomb shelter map and an interactive walking tour plan with attractions that existed in Manhattan 400 years ago (think forests and swamps) are a few of the unexpected treasures that lovers of cartography will discover in You Are Here: NYC."

Gothamist :

"...We can't get enough of maps reinterpreting how we look at the city. [You Are Here: NYC] has assembled an impressive gallery of hundreds of them to give readers a strange and wondrous view of NYC's past, present and imagined future."

The New York Times:

"What a find! You Are Here: N.Y.C. provides a delightfully ingenious perspective on territory that most readers might view as familiar. Witty essays by Sarah Boxer, Bob Mankoff, Maria Popova, and others accompany a four-century cartographical treasure chest that includes Andy Warhol's Central Park, Saul Bellow's "View of the World from Ninth Avenue," a 1950's proposed subway bomb shelter, the 1908 pneumatic telegram service, a pigeon's aerial view, and a map made up of newspapers dated Sept. 11, 2001. "

Brain Pickings :

"Exploring [the] lacuna between physical reality and the interpretive imagination is a very different kind of atlas You Are Here: NYC, envisioned and edited by Katharine Harmon. This localized follow-up to Harmon's wonderful 2004 atlas of "personal geographies and other maps of the imagination" presents two hundred wildly diverse maps of the city, alongside original essays exploring the most iconic of them.... What emerges is a layered inquiry into the relationship between self and space, the plurality of perspectives aimed at the same place, and the myriad ways in which we orient ourselves to the landscape against which we live out our lives."

Visual News :

"You Are Here: NYC is a tribute to the beautiful art maps that have helped city-goers in NYC navigate their city over the years."

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