Archie Press Map
Archie Press Map

Archie Press Map

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Newest addition to the collection: Archie made a Map of Gowanus, just for us!!!!


New York, New York! This city is absolutely massive, this map bringing together all 5 boroughs in the simplest way possible. C'mon, learn something!

Archie Archambault of Archie Press is a designer and inventor living between Portland, Oregon and Brooklyn, New York. He started making maps several years ago because nobody else was explaining cities simply and clearly. He is currently seeking new opportunities to make the world a better (or at least more interesting) place.

Archie visits each city to experience it as a local does. For instance, in Amsterdam he rode a bike, and in Los Angeles he drove a car. After discussing and drafting with residents, Archie prints the map on a 19th century letterpress. A simple and perfect map produced on a simple and perfect machine.

So why the circles?

New research indicates that GPS's are hindering our ability to create mental maps of our surroundings. These maps aim to install a "Map from the Mind", simplifying structures and neighborhoods in the most efficient and beautiful way. The circle, our Universe's softest shape, is the clearest graphic to convey size and connection.