David Scher: Insomuch

David Scher: Insomuch

$ 6,500.00

David Scher

Insomuch, 2017

Mixed media drawing

24 x 42 inches

$6,500 framed

Part of the shop's 2017 exhibition "Cartophilia Gowanus"

“Cartophilia Gowanus” celebrated the love of maps and mapmaking. It featured maps of the Gowanus dating back to 1609, maps made in Gowanus by local artists, and map-like circuit boards that have recently been pulled out of the muck of the Gowanus. The show featured artist maps, historic and scientific maps, and everything inbetween.

David Scher’s piece is a wry inky imagination scape, rendered Rorschach-like into a meta-map.